Our Mission

Sistah Chat Radio’s mission continues to be to inspire, enlighten and compel women to enthusiastically live dynamic and fulfilling lives. Sistah Chat Radio is Deborah M. Cofer (Founder), Sara Smith-Katz, Holley Kearns.

Through the dissemination of enlightening information that is open, honest and solid, Sistah Chat Radio’s able to develop collaborative partnerships, as well as create opportunities that encourage listeners and followers, to grow at every level of their personal, professional, emotional, physical and spiritual lives.

Weekly discussions feature a myriad of topics that serve as a solid platform to support women and their families in their efforts to live with the level of passion, purpose, power and poise that is fulfilling, supportive and life-enhancing.

We believe we have a platform to raise up authors, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and more. Through spreading the talents of others, we help make the world more interesting and enjoyable.

We give back to the local community by supporting our charity of choice — Pocono Alliance as well as other efforts we feel fit with our mission.