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What Does It Mean to be An “Empowered Woman” (Synopsis)?
The phrase “empowered woman” is used frequently, but what does it mean to be an EMPOWERED WOMAN? While there is both an air and posture about a strong woman that is undeniably attractive and even somewhat alluring, being an EMPOWERED WOMAN has nothing to do with appearance, education, money or status. Empowered is a mindset that supports a lifestyle that is purpose-driven, opportunity-enhancing, heartfelt and motivated by a love of self, others and life;

THE EMPOWERED WOMAN knows who she is, what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to go and get it…. whatever “it” means to her;

And so much more…

“ME”OLOGY… Mastering the Fine Art of Self-Love (Synopsis)
If asked, most people will spontaneously respond that they love themselves. However, the reality is that loving yourself is so much more than any verbal proclamation of self-love you can make. When you truly love yourself, there are specific and intentional actions that must back up your claim. In fact, when you truly love yourself, you both understand and believe that you are worthy of the best and are not willing to settle for less.

Want to clearly express the depths of your self-love?

Happiness Is the Fountain of Youth: Presentation Synopsis
Have you ever looked at two women in their 60’s who look ages apart? One looks 40 and the other looks 80. There is a reason… one has discovered that HAPPINESS is the fountain of youth and does whatever she needs to do to protect her happiness and well-being at all cost…

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